“I freely confess: It was the objection of David Hume which first, many years ago, interrupted my dog-matic slumber” (Philosopher Immanuel Kant)”


*** Star Wars offers the image of the Teacher: Think of the wise, respected, and mysterious martial arts Teacher, and the focused, eager, and respectful student/learner.

Dear Teachers:

One of the difficulties in teaching citizenship, multiculturalism, and pluralism is integrating into lessons resources that are effective at encouraging differentiated instruction and fostering creative and critical thinking while being truly cross curricular and engaging.  I think you will find a springboard for all those things at this site as a whole.  Our goal here is not simply to provide set units and lesson plans, but rather offer a springboard from which lessons and rubrics can be drafted with students, grade/division teams, etc. 

There are a wealth of freely available creative and critical thinking resources from school boards and the web, so it is just a question of integrating them into lesson and unit building. If students are to be assessed on their creative and critical thinking skills, these need to be explicitly taught and modeled.

Darth Plagueis The Wise: Teacher of Darth Sidious

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Here are some of my favorite Lesson Building Resources:

  • Religious Studies During School Hours

    Prayer, Bible lessons and a big red bus: How an Ohio group is bringing God to public schoolLifeWise Academy is on a mission to reach school children with the gospel. Opponents say the weekly Bible studies blur the line between church and state. See article HERE

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  • Will Artificial Intelligence Replace People?

    It depends what we do with it. Here are one author’s thoughts: What would you like AI to do for you?

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  • Happy Easter!

    If you don’t celebrate Easter as religious event, you can still have Easter-like activities, such as an egg hunt. And, this year Easter falls on a day celebrating the equality and rights of transgender people. Here is what president Biden said: “On Transgender Day of Visibility, we celebrate the joy, strength, and absolute courage of…

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  • Activity: Using A Thesaurus

    Have you ever wanted to make your writing more interesting? There are a lot of words out there you can use instead of the ones you usually do: synonyms. Try using a thesaurus, like this one. If you check out a thesaurus, look at all the words you can use instead of “said.” Question: Have…

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  • Activity: Using an Etymology Dictionary

    Are you a philologist, someone who loves words? If so, did you know words have a history? For instance, did you know the word lunatic comes from the word luna, meaning moon. We can picture the person changing into a werewolf on the full moon. To check out the history of some of your favorite…

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  • Activity: Using A Rhyming Dictionary

    Ever wonder how poets are able to come up with just the right rhyme, such as pop stars do. It’s probably not that they are brilliant, but more likely they have a rhyming dictionary, such as this online one Here is a poem I quickly came up with using that online rhyming dictionary: LUCKY ME…

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  • Number of nonbinary-identifying students spikes nearly 57% in West Coast state

    Parents and Teachers: Almost 3,000 students now identify as nonbinary in Oregon schools, educational data shows See the article here

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  • Was Jesus Born Of A Virgin?

    No, this was an idea made up long after our oldest writings about Jesus of Paul and Mark:

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  • Was Jesus Born In A Stable Or Cave?

    No, our earliest account is that he was born in a lower room of a house:

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  • Article: Is It Healthier To Raise Children In A Secular Home?

    Is Raising Your Kids Without Religion Better? From the article: Read the full article HERE

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