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Statement by conservative apologist Ken Ham

  • Most Sunday School/Bible School & VBS programs & many Homeschool & Christian School bible curricula are really shallow fluff & stuff teaching “stories.” That’s why AiG developed what I believe are the most powerful unique bible teaching curricula (Answers Bible Curriculum) in the world for Sunday School/Bible school (all ages), VBS, & Homeschool curricula with Christian School bible curriculum coming. These curricula are chronological, evangelistic, teach apologetics, doctrine and Christian worldview. Most Christians don’t have a true Christian worldview. Let’s make sure generations understand Christianity is based in real history, not just “stories,” & teach how to defend the faith!

Here at SWK, we promote critical thinking, not indoctrination, and so while we feel critical thinking will lead to secularism more often than not, our main aim is to level the playing field to let kids make free and informed decisions.

Girls and Education in Afghanistan

  • Feb 18, 2023
  • “516 days since the Taliban BANNED girls from going to school. Afghanistan is the ONLY country on earth that forbids women and girls from getting an education. To deprive the women & girls of Afghanistan the basic human right of an education is a grave crime against humanity. (Shabnam Nasimi).”

Do you think education is a basic right everyone should have?