What Is The Trinity

The Trinity is the idea among many Christians that God is 3 persons in one: Father, Son, Holy Spirit – and Yet all 100% God. What does this look like?

Confused? What about this:

Think about it, if God is at the same time and in the same way 100% Father, 100% Son, 100% Holy Spirit, in math can something be 300% ?

OK Education Chief: “We Want The Bible In Schools”

  • “Instead of allowing Biden and the unions to inject their ideology through graphic pornography like ‘Gender Queer’ and “Flamer,’ we want the Constitution, we want the bible in our schools where kids understand our nation’s history and what has made this country great. The reality is that the bible is a foundational document in our country’s history. Read the Founders, read their letters, listen to what these men and women said about why founding a country with the freedom of religion, the free exercise of religion was so important.” – Oklahoma Education Superintendent Ryan Walters, today on Fox Business.

see https://www.joemygod.com/2023/07/ok-education-chief-we-want-the-bible-in-schools/