Successful People

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (Wayne Gretzky).”

There are many different things you can be successful at, but often times successful people share similar traits with one another like creativity and hard work.

Activity: Research a successful person and dot-jot what qualities helped them to succeed.

OK Education Chief: “We Want The Bible In Schools”

  • “Instead of allowing Biden and the unions to inject their ideology through graphic pornography like ‘Gender Queer’ and “Flamer,’ we want the Constitution, we want the bible in our schools where kids understand our nation’s history and what has made this country great. The reality is that the bible is a foundational document in our country’s history. Read the Founders, read their letters, listen to what these men and women said about why founding a country with the freedom of religion, the free exercise of religion was so important.” – Oklahoma Education Superintendent Ryan Walters, today on Fox Business.


Draw Your Own Adventure Darth Harley Pattern Book (K-Gr 1)

Page One: Help Darth Harley Find God.

Page Two: Harley is looking for God.

Page Three: “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Four. Harley looks under the table. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Five. Harley looks in the closet. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Six. Harley looks under the bed. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Seven. Harley looks in the fridge. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Eight. Harley looks in the basement. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Nine. Harley looks in the garage. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Ten. “God is good at Hide and Seek” says Harley. “I can’t find him anywhere.”

Curriculum Connections

Okay teachers, are you looking for some secularism lesson plan ideas? Try:

Exploring Secularism: A 15-week discussion curriculum for high school groups


Young Skeptics:

Young Skeptics curriculum is open to the public and free to use. You’re welcome to customize it to fit your needs or use it as-is. Click each button to view or download the associated file. If you’ve created your own lessons and would like to share your content with them for other groups to use, please use similar formatting and send it to

Karma will be with you in a minute. She’s just sharpening her sword.

Can You Guess What They Are Praying For?

In an election tonight, Democrat Senator Warnock beat challenger Republican Walker for the Georgia senate seat. Midway through the evening, it was really close, so the Walker rally held a prayer circle:

All the ballots were already cast, so try to guess what they were praying for …