Draw Your Own Adventure Darth Harley Pattern Book (K-Gr 1)

Page One: Help Darth Harley Find God.

Page Two: Harley is looking for God.

Page Three: “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Four. Harley looks under the table. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Five. Harley looks in the closet. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Six. Harley looks under the bed. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Seven. Harley looks in the fridge. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Eight. Harley looks in the basement. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Nine. Harley looks in the garage. “Where are you God?” asks Harley.

Page Ten. “God is good at Hide and Seek” says Harley. “I can’t find him anywhere.”

Curriculum Connections

Okay teachers, are you looking for some secularism lesson plan ideas? Try:

Exploring Secularism: A 15-week discussion curriculum for high school groups


Young Skeptics:

Young Skeptics curriculum is open to the public and free to use. You’re welcome to customize it to fit your needs or use it as-is. Click each button to view or download the associated file. If you’ve created your own lessons and would like to share your content with them for other groups to use, please use similar formatting and send it to youngskeptics@outlook.com.

Karma will be with you in a minute. She’s just sharpening her sword.

If You’re Wondering What The Other Side Is Doing …

Statement by conservative apologist Ken Ham

  • Most Sunday School/Bible School & VBS programs & many Homeschool & Christian School bible curricula are really shallow fluff & stuff teaching “stories.” That’s why AiG developed what I believe are the most powerful unique bible teaching curricula (Answers Bible Curriculum) in the world for Sunday School/Bible school (all ages), VBS, & Homeschool curricula with Christian School bible curriculum coming. These curricula are chronological, evangelistic, teach apologetics, doctrine and Christian worldview. Most Christians don’t have a true Christian worldview. Let’s make sure generations understand Christianity is based in real history, not just “stories,” & teach how to defend the faith!

Here at SWK, we promote critical thinking, not indoctrination, and so while we feel critical thinking will lead to secularism more often than not, our main aim is to level the playing field to let kids make free and informed decisions.

Information Literacy

Topics covered:
-Placing trust wisely
-Why we fall for misinformation
-Understanding our feeds
-Filter bubbles & echo chambers
-Fact checking
-Lateral searching

Check out this informative article on information literacy:

From the article:

  • Learning to fact check is an important step towards media literacy. However, real empowerment will require a systemic approach. Our media diets inform us about our world, so consider using your fact-checking skills to cleanse your news feed of junk. Limit your news consumption to the organizations that have a reliable track-record of accurate and less biased coverage, and break out of echo chambers that repeat false or misleading stories. You’ll find yourself less outraged and more informed.

see the rest of article: Don’t Be Fooled… Fact Check!

Lend A Helping Secular Hand During The Holidays

Even if you’re not religious, many secular people still see the holidays as a special time with friends and family. Because of this, many people can be extra sad this time of year if they don’t have friends or family to spend time with. With your parents or guardians, brainstorm some ways that you can include or support and uplift people feeling down this holiday season!