Religion and Cartoons: Not So Long Ago

Not so long ago, children were expected to say the Lord’s prayer in school. In fact, you might even detect the Christian message in your afternoon cartoons. Here are a couple of examples from extremely popular cartoons The Flintstones and Charlie Brown:

The Flintstones:

Charlie Brown:

There is currently a movement to put the 10 Commandments into schools in the states and secular activists are working hard to combat this.

Little Pig Little Pig Let Me In (Big Bad Wolf)

Have you ever wondered what the one unforgivable sin is in Christianity? You could be the worst person in history, yet you can be forgiven by God. By contrast, you can be the nicest person in history, but if you have the sin of unbelief God can’t forgive you. That’s the one unforgivable sin!

What Is Reading Like?

Is reading like one of those hidden images that at first you don’t see it, but then it shines through and you can’t unsee it?

Or is reading like putting together a jigsaw puzzle but you don’t know what the picture on the cover of the box is?

What is reading like for you?