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  • Was Jesus Born Of A Virgin?

    No, this was an idea made up long after our oldest writings about Jesus of Paul and Mark:

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  • Was Jesus Born In A Stable Or Cave?

    No, our earliest account is that he was born in a lower room of a house:

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  • God and the Gaps

    A favorite of some religious people is pointing out something science doesn’t understand yet and saying God must be responsible. Is this silly?

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  • Religion Hurting Kids: The Question of Science

    One common situation to find among religious people is the denial of evolution and climate change. Evolution is denied because it contradicts the Genesis creation account, and climate change is denied because God’s perfect creation wouldn’t allow humanity to destroy itself. Consider the following article where a state tries to institutionalize these superstitions in the…

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  • What Do Christians Think Of God’s Creation?

    A Christian Meme

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  • Why Is English So Weird?

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  • Successful People

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (Wayne Gretzky).” There are many different things you can be successful at, but often times successful people share similar traits with one another like creativity and hard work. Activity: Research a successful person and dot-jot what qualities helped them to succeed.

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  • Jesus Appeared In My Toast!

    Have you ever known someone that saw a cloud that looked like Jesus? Was that a message from God?

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  • Darth Harley Meets An Apologist

    APOLOGIST: Hello children, I am your substitute teacher today, Dr. Craig DARTH HARLEY: You’re a Doctor? APOLOGIST: Yes, a Doctor of Apologetics. DARTH HARLEY: What’s Apologetics? It sounds like apologizing. Are you really good at apologizing? APOLOGIST: No, no, lol. Apologetics means defence, like Socrates’ apology/defence at his trial, but in my case I’ve spent…

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  • Shh. God is Sleeping

    God rested on the seventh day …

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