Parents/Guardians Resources

Dear Parents/Guardians,

For parents, one great resource for this is Emeritus Philosophy professor Dr. Tom Wartenberg who posted 2 excellent Youtube videos about he and his university level Philosophy students teaching K-6 elementary students philosophy:

Dr. Wartenberg has a great book for parents/guardians/teachers teaching kids Philosophy/Critical Thinking: Big Ideas For Little Kids:

Another book I have used in the past as a teaching tool is Philosophy For Kids by David White:

These are great resources for educators, but also for parents who want to engage their children in critical and creative thinking discussions.

I think the question of secular kids implies the question of facilitating kids to be creative and critical thinkers, so this might be a fruitful avenue foy you to pursue! Two sites I wanted to mention on the Philosophy for Kids topic are:

1) Teaching Children Philosophy is a resource for parents and educators that grew up around Dr. Wartenberg’s program that I mentioned above over the last decade.  It’s wonderful:  

2) Philosophy For Children from the University of Washington.  This is a great resource page on their site: