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Karma will be with you in a minute. She’s just sharpening her sword.

Darth “Absolute Zero” Bowser Part 2: The Art Of Not Seeing A Box

“When your power eclipses mine I will become expendable. This is the Rule of Two: one Master and one apprentice. When you are ready to claim the mantle of Dark Lord as your own, you must do so by eliminating me.”
―Darth Bane, to Darth Zannah

Amy watched as her friend Darth Harley stared intently at a picture of a box.

“I don’t care what that old fool Bowser said,” Amy said with frustration. “You really are looking at a box and there is no way to unsee it.”

Amy hated to see her friend struggle to understand Bowser’s ridiculous claims and ideas, but Harley was obsessive in that way so she left him to his impossible task and went skipping with a few of the other kids.

Harley had spent enough time with Darth Bowser that if his master saw something as difficult and important, he needed to think further on it.

“I need your help, master,” Harley thought. A focus and calmness came over Harley and he imagined Darth Bowser as an interlocutor asking him questions:

  • H: I can’t see it master. I can’t see beyond the cube.
  • B: Everywhere and at all times people are told to see cubes because that is what is important. They chase the lie of the whole and miss the truth of the parts. They ask: What’s the theme? What’s the main idea? Everywhere and at all times people see the box as the truth and the most important when all the box is, is a lie their mind is telling them. Learn to see beyond the cube, Harley.

Harley looked intently at the cube. Somehow, it was there and obvious to anyone who looked at it, but somehow it was not real… Then, Harley had a flash from the Muse. He took out a piece of paper and drew the cube, but in 2 parts: the inside and the outside:

Later in the day, Harley found Bowser and related his success in beginning to see beyond the cube.

  • B: Wherever there is a whole, there are lies that are itching to erupt from them. Tell me, my young apprentice, if you flip a coin a thousand times, how many should turn up heads?
  • H: Half
  • B: Good, and with all that mathematical and scientific knowledge about probability can you predict the outcome if I flip this coin right now?
  • H: No master. There is so much still to learn. THUMB’S UP!

Darth “Absolute Zero” Bowser

“Two there should be. No more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it.”
―Darth Bane

“What’s cooler than being Cool? Ice Cold (Andre “Ice Cold” 3000).”

“What’s cooler than being Ice Cold? Absolute Zero (Darth “Absolute Zero” Bowser).”

On one of those nights that promises profundity but all too often lapses into the mediocre, Darth Harley and his mentor Darth Bowser were out for a stroll.

B: (looking up a the stars) Beautiful night Harley. What do you see?

H: (starts naming the constellations)

B: Constellations?! That’s ridiculous. Do you believe what you see or do you believe what I tell you?

H: Always what you tell me my master.

B: Then learn to see beyond constellations. Do you think God painted a connect the dots puzzle in the sky?

H: Of course not, my lord.

B: You must learn to see the randomness that is the truth of the sky, not shapes and patterns. (draws a shape in the dirt) What’s this?

H: (hesitates) A box … A square prism?

B: Again, you need to see beyond the lies your mind is telling you. Boxes are 3D and you can put stuff in them. This drawing is 2D and flat:

H: I have much to learn, master

B: Well, that’s the starting point. Do you know the weekend is arriving soon

H: Yes master.

B: Does time flow backward with the weekend arriving, like someone kicking a ball to you, or does time march forward with you arriving at the weekend?

H: I guess both, depending on how you look at it. Calendars and clocks march forward, although we just as much can experience time flowing backward.

B: Both, or neither? Have you considered that time may not be what you sense but rather how you sense? In a dreamless sleep where the mind doesn’t create time as a place for experiences to take place in, what do you experience?

H: Nothing at all, just drifting off to sleep in one instant and awaking in the next even though many hours may have gone by.

B: Learn to see beyond the world of everyday opinion. It’s only in doing this that you can become strong in the Dark Side Of The Force!

H: Yes, my lord.