God Told Me …

A secular answer: No, God is not talking to you. Your imaginary friend wasn’t really talking to you when you were six, and your imaginary friend isn’t really talking to you now. It only seems that way. Many people never grow out of the imaginary friend stage of life.

Christian Nationalism (Reference Articles For Teachers)

This article is a good discussion background for why Christian Nationalism is unconstitutional and unscriptural.


For another important article on the topic, see: https://www.salon.com/2022/11/10/did-christian-nationalism-lose-in-the-midterms-sort-of–but-its-not-going-away/

God’s Best Friends

 I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse, (Gen 12:3)”

So, God is going to bless those who bless Abraham, which means He is going to bless those who bless Israel

Bored God

God’s a turnaround specialist. He can turn your:

-mess into a message

-test into a testimony

-victimhood into victory

He’d get it right the first time around, but is bored and likes the drama

You’d be bored too if you’d done everything, seen everything, and been everything a zillion times.

How To Tell Your Family You Are An Atheist

New article from TIME:

  • Studies from the Pew Research Center have highlighted a “rapidly growing” group dubbed the “nones,” because they don’t identify with a religion. Largely made up of young people who were raised in a faith but later left it, the “nones” are changing how religion is seen in the U.S. And while not every single “none” is an atheist, it’s clear that the younger generations are disregarding religion at rates never seen before, and that more Americans than ever are going to have to inform their families that they don’t share their faith. With a stigma against atheists that often paints us as Satan worshipers or even worse, that task can be daunting for some non-believers.

See full article here: https://time.com/6128721/tell-your-family-you-are-an-atheist/