Dear Parents/Guardians,

Teaching children multiculturalism and pluralism has important social consequences and helps foster compassion and understanding of their fellow person.  Although teaching the secular point of view has traditionally been neglected when teaching about society/faith traditions, such study can be very enriching and foster creative and critical thinking in students.

I encourage you to explore our site, especially the kids page.  Our interest is in creating kid questioners.  It’s hard to think of a more noble task, regardless of your worldview.

Kind Regards,

Darth Harley,

Bark Lord of the Sith

  • How To Tell Your Family You Are An Atheist

    New article from TIME: Studies from the Pew Research Center have highlighted a “rapidly growing” group dubbed the “nones,” because they don’t identify with a religion. Largely made up of young people who were raised in a faith but later left it, the “nones” are changing how religion is seen in the U.S. And while not every…

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  • Thinking Mistakes; or, Top Ten Logical Fallacies

    From wiki

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  • Diwali will be a public school holiday in New York City starting in 2023

    The time has come to recognize over 200,000 New Yorkers of the Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain faiths who celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights,” Rajkumar, who introduced legislation to recognize Diwali, said in the press conference. She called Anniversary Day “an obscure and antiquated day,” as compared to Diwali, which is celebrated by a…

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  • He Said What?!

    Do you ever wonder whether people actually read the religious texts they believe in?

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  • But I Said Sorry!!!!!!!!

    Have you ever thought what a problem it is to think someone can be horrible like Hitler, and if they apologize and believe in God they go to heaven, while someone can be wonderful and moral, but end up in hell because they don’t believe? Question: Can you force yourself to believe? Can you make…

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  • Traditional Marriage

    One of the great achievements of modern society is recognizing LGBTQ+ rights. But, many religious people disagree, even though the reason traditionalists give don’t make much sense.

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  • Girls Protesting The Hijab

    On 16 September 2022, a 22-year-old Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini died in hospital in Tehran, Iran, under suspicious circumstances, due to police brutality according to witnesses. The Guidance Patrol, the morality police of Iran’s Law Enforcement Command, arrested Amini for not wearing the hijab in accordance with government standards. Eyewitnesses, including women who were…

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  • Terrible Parenting Advice From A Christian Pastor

    Hemant Mehta share that Matt Kennedy, rector of Church of the Good Shepherd (an Anglican church) in New York and father of six, recently revealed his best child-rearing advice: See Hemant Mehta’s analysis here

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  • A Teacher Trying To Convert Students

    This article talks about a teacher trying to impose her Christianity on students:

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  • Where You Are Born

    Did you know a lot of what religion someone is relates to where and when they are from? For instance, today, of the 37,135,00 people in Afghanistan, 37,025,000 are Muslim, a whopping 99.7 percent!

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