Grooming Minds: Indoctrination vs Argumentation

  • “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” (Aristotle)
Has this above child been brainwashed into conservative fundamentalist Christianity?

Is difference between this above child and the more mild cases of religious upbringing of children we see  one of degree, or of kind.  Picture a child who is not vocal like this one, but holds similar or more mild conservative Christian views.

Here is a helpful analogy video on religious child grooming: inundating a child with just one kind of religion, excluding others and secularism:

How do the thought experiment analogies in the video above help us see religious upbringing in a different light?

BONUS: Thinking about logic and humor – have you ever noticed the connection between logical errors and humor?  Picture a reductio ad absurdum: a method of proving the falsity of a premise by showing that its logical consequence is absurd or contradictory. So: “The Earth cannot be flat; otherwise, we would find people falling off the edge.”  That people are not falling off the edge makes Flat Earth proponents false/wrong, seem silly, which is to say hilarious!  Question: Is the video of the conservative Christian preacher child above in the first video (i) not something we should care about, (ii) horrific, (iii) hilarious, or (iv) profoundly true?