Dear Parents/Guardians,

Teaching children multiculturalism and pluralism has important social consequences and helps foster compassion and understanding of their fellow person.  Although teaching the secular point of view has traditionally been neglected when teaching about society/faith traditions, such study can be very enriching and foster creative and critical thinking in students.

I encourage you to explore our site, especially the kids page.  Our interest is in creating kid questioners.  It’s hard to think of a more noble task, regardless of your worldview.

Kind Regards,

Darth Harley,

Bark Lord of the Sith

  • Making Healthier Eating Choices

    Did you know Darth Harley isn’t just wise about the world, but also himself. For example, he makes healthier choices when eating, such as when he’s eating cookies. Check out some of these healthier choice cookies for snack time: HERE. The author of that blog says you can eat healthier cookies everyday but would Darth…

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  • LGBTQ+ Rights

    How can we solve the problem of saying LGBTQ+ individuals should be celebrated and given full rights as persons, but still tackle issues like the question of Trans athletes competing in female sports or using female bathrooms?

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  • Vouchers—taxpayer dollars being used to support private (usually religious) schools.

    See the article HERE

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  • The First Secular Web Kids Book Is Coming Soon!

    This won’t be the actual cover art, but what ideas come up when you ask yourself “Where Did Everything Come From?” God? Nature? Billy and Bee will find out soon!

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  • Religious Studies During School Hours

    Prayer, Bible lessons and a big red bus: How an Ohio group is bringing God to public schoolLifeWise Academy is on a mission to reach school children with the gospel. Opponents say the weekly Bible studies blur the line between church and state. See article HERE

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  • Happy Easter!

    If you don’t celebrate Easter as religious event, you can still have Easter-like activities, such as an egg hunt. And, this year Easter falls on a day celebrating the equality and rights of transgender people. Here is what president Biden said: “On Transgender Day of Visibility, we celebrate the joy, strength, and absolute courage of…

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  • Number of nonbinary-identifying students spikes nearly 57% in West Coast state

    Parents and Teachers: Almost 3,000 students now identify as nonbinary in Oregon schools, educational data shows See the article here

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  • Article: Is It Healthier To Raise Children In A Secular Home?

    Is Raising Your Kids Without Religion Better? From the article: Read the full article HERE

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  • Religion Hurting Kids: The Question of Science

    One common situation to find among religious people is the denial of evolution and climate change. Evolution is denied because it contradicts the Genesis creation account, and climate change is denied because God’s perfect creation wouldn’t allow humanity to destroy itself. Consider the following article where a state tries to institutionalize these superstitions in the…

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  • Successful People

    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take (Wayne Gretzky).” There are many different things you can be successful at, but often times successful people share similar traits with one another like creativity and hard work. Activity: Research a successful person and dot-jot what qualities helped them to succeed.

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