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  • Why Don’t People Hold God To The Same Legal Standards As Humans?

    Consider this. In making water as necessary for life, God could have ensured water is abundant and all clean. Did God bother to do this? No: The World Health Organization says that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases, making it the leading cause of disease and…

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  • Grade 5 Discussion Topic: Can There Be Right And Wrong Without God?

    It’s clear to every padawan that some things are wrong.  For instance, it is wrong to steal from your parent’s wallet.  Now, this seems to have nothing to do with whether there is a God or not, and yet some religious people say without God there can be no right or wrong.  Why?  They say…

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  • Secular Web Kids Word Search

    angels belief darth debate demons doubt evidence gods harley logic reason secular skeptic supernatural superstition

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  • Secular Web Kids Crossword

    Down 1 The love of wisdom 2 Searching for reasons/evidence 3 Magic and Monsters 5 Information on which to base belief 7 Believing someone/thing has successfully cast a magic spell 9 Not believing in the supernatural

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  • Young Darth Harley Had Some Doubts

    (*****************sing to the tune of Old MacDonald Had A Farm) (Verse 1) Young Darth Harley had some doubts A-questioning he goes And with those doubts he questioned commercials A-questioning he goes With a “does it work?” here And a “will it make me happy?” there Here a doubt, there a doubt Everywhere an “Ad” doubt…

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  • Random Passages:

    Darth Harley was snoring loudly at the back of World Religions class while Li’l Yoda took detailed notes of the class discussion: Y: “Wake up, Harley!,” Yoda chirped, “You’re going to get in trouble!” H: “Oops, sorry, what did I miss?” Y: “Li’l Richard is arguing with the teacher again that Jesus never existed.” H:…

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  • Darth Harley Interview (5 Minutes)

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  • Darth Harley Recites a “Beauty” Poem

    Harley stood nervously in front of his class and read out loud the quotation he had found: ** “In consequence, if the world is beautiful, that fact would be evidence for God’s existence.” (Swinburne, Richard, The Existence of God, OUP, 2nd Edition, 2004,) “So,” Harley said, “for my reader response to this quote I would like…

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  • (5) Darth Harley Begins To Think About Christianity

    (5) Darth Harley begins to think about Christianity: Harley sat in his bed with his mom and talked about his day at school. H: In Social Studies we started to learn about Christianity.  They think God raised Jesus from the dead and that he appeared to his followers. M:  Do you think God cast a…

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  • (4) Darth Harley and His Mom

    Harley sat with his mom one night and she read to him from one of her favorite books, “David Copperfield.”  The book was often too difficult for him, but he loved reading with his mom.  She read: “I was sensible of a mist of love and beauty about Dora, but of nothing else … it…

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