Pop Quiz: A Religious Apologist

Dr. Frank Turek

A religious apologist is someone who tries to defend their faith with logic and reason. Here is apologist Dr. Frank Turek trying to explain his kind of Christianity:

  • Jesus is the only way. An infinitely just God cannot allow unjust people like you and me to go unpunished. He punishes himself in our place. He’s the ransom. He has to judge sinners, just like a judge in a courtroom. He has to punish people that have broken the law.

Here are some questions to think about Turek’s ideas:

(1) How do you think others may feel if you tell them Jesus is the only way?

(2) What does “infinitely just” mean?

(3) Is there another way to address bad behavior instead of punishing?

(4) Does it make sense to say “justice is served” if a murderer goes free and you are punished instead?

(5) Does it make sense to say God has to punish those who have broken the law, but also doesn’t have to punish them?

(6) How is Jesus a ransom? Who is being held hostage that a payment must be paid for? Who is holding them hostage?


Does the God of the Old Testament always punish sin, or usually forgive?