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  • Is God A Bully?

    Maybe a better question is how is God not a bully, lol?

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  • The Power of Lead

    God doesn’t have a where or when, so in what sense is He (and how is he a He?) What kind are you? Grandpa Anamensis

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  • Isn’t It Better To Believe Just In Case?

  • EVOLUTION: Tiktaalik

    You may know we evolved from apes, but did you know even earlier we came from sea creatures? “Evolution is wonderful. Here’s the incredible walking fish, Tiktaalik, – part of the fins-to-limbs story showing how aquatic vertebrates transitioned to becoming walking, air-breathing land animals. (Prof Alice Roberts).”

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  • Prayer

    If God knows everything, why do you have to remind him you need help?

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  • Philosophy for Kids: What is Time?

    Physicist Carlo Rovelli explains that when traditional physics begins by describing the motion of a swinging pendulum while comparing it to a clock, it is a misunderstanding to think the pendulum is really held up to “time,” but rather the movement of the pendulum is held up to the movement of the hands on a […]

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  • Philosophy for Kids: What is Untruth?

    Philosopher Heidegger shares the following thought experiment: Using these ideas, can you describe what “untruth” is?

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  • Philosophy for Kids: What is Being?

    The philosopher Hegel said “Being” is the most general, and empty, way of talking about something that “is.” Of anything, from an idea in your head to a rock in a stream, we can say that it “is,” that it has “Being,” but what exactly “Being” means is confusing because it seems to refer to […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: What Is Thinking? The Ontological Difference.

    Did you know one of the most important words in philosophy is “AS?” Let’s think why … One of the great discoveries of Greek Philosophy was discovering thinking means combining. So, when I think, I combine, which we call a “judgment,” we think something “as” something, which is to say something “as” something else: The […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: What Is The Experience Of Space?

    Isn’t the experience of space just seeing a large container? Philosopher Kant said no, and that there is wonder when we look up at the starry skies at night. Why? Think about it! We know that the stars we see are just randomly scattered lights in the sky. But, do we see randomness when we […]

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