Religion, Politics, And Climate Change

Climate change is an important issue, but could being religious affect how important you think climate change is. Today on Fox News:

  • The hosts of Fox & Friends Sunday were discussing Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s pledge to be guided by faith if he wins in 2024, noting how religion is often referenced more by Republicans than Democrats. Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy took that a step further, saying liberals only see Earth as the endgame while conservatives look beyond. “For them, where we live right now, this place, Earth is it,” she said. “So everything’s on the line here for them. They think, as you said, they can perfect this Earth. Those of us who have faith don’t believe that, and we believe how we act here determines where we go after. And so we got to behave.”

It makes sense, if the afterlife is the ultimate end in life, this world becomes less of a concern. Which is scary if you are not religious!