Dear Parents/Guardians,

Teaching children multiculturalism and pluralism has important social consequences and helps foster compassion and understanding of their fellow person.  Although teaching the secular point of view has traditionally been neglected when teaching about society/faith traditions, such study can be very enriching and foster creative and critical thinking in students.

I encourage you to explore our site, especially the kids page.  Our interest is in creating kid questioners.  It’s hard to think of a more noble task, regardless of your worldview.

Kind Regards,

Darth Harley,

Bark Lord of the Sith

  • Grooming Minds: Indoctrination vs Argumentation

    “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” (Aristotle) Is difference between this above child and the more mild cases of religious upbringing of children we see  one of degree, or of kind.  Picture a child who is not vocal like this one, but holds similar or more…

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  • Talking to Kids About Morality Without God

    One thing you sometimes hear is that without God there could be no objective morality (the oughts), because if moral rules/principles don’t get their authority from God, where could their authority come from? Of course, this way of thinking is wrong. Children from a very young age understand what being a “friend” means without God…

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  • Treat Your Kids Like the Little Philosophers They Are

    Great new article suggesting to treat kids like philosophers: Here’s an excerpt: I hope the kids continue to have those sorts of conversations. I want them to think deeply about the world, to ponder big ideas, like truth, justice, and God. But the research suggests that those conversations are likely to trail off as…

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  • A Great New Resource About Kids And Philosophy

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  • Does Your Child (age 4-8) have a Philosophical Question? Ask Scott Hershovitz, a professor at the University of Michigan. 

    Submit your kid’s philosophy question through the link below: Scott’s new upcoming book is An extract from Nasty Brutish and Short: Adventures in Philosophy with Kids, by Scott Hershovitz I was a philosopher almost from the time that I could talk, and I am not alone in that. Every kid—every single one—is a philosopher.…

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  • Great Resource for Parents/Guardians/Teacher: Philosophy For Kids Site

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  • Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Parent Alert (Plus Ed’s Guitar Solo)

    This important short piece explains how certain questionable religious groups try to convert vulnerable children in a sneaky way. From the article: Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is at it again, this time providing Ukrainian children with something they already have an abundance of—fear. It’s no revelation that CEF, who runs the predatory Good News Clubs…

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  • How is Secular Web Kids different from parents immersing their children in the bible?

    Our interest is in fostering critical and creative thinkers. We feel that the probable result of this will be secular kids. Still, if the end of that path is theism for some, then it is a theism that doesn’t hide from reason. A real unfairness “of religion-izing” young kids is that it’s especially hard, when…

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  • Article on The Question Of Teaching Respectful Citizenship In Schools (In The Face Of Objections, Such As Religious Ones)

    This article examines the question of schools teaching students to be respectful citizens with a view to universal human rights. From the article: “Teaching tolerance in schools cannot avoid controversy” “The children’s picture book And Tango Makes Three (2005) tells the true story of two male penguins who raise a chick together at a New York zoo. Initially…

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  • Parents/Guardians Resources

    Dear Parents/Guardians, For parents, one great resource for this is Emeritus Philosophy professor Dr. Tom Wartenberg who posted 2 excellent Youtube videos about he and his university level Philosophy students teaching K-6 elementary students philosophy: Dr. Wartenberg has a great book for parents/guardians/teachers teaching kids Philosophy/Critical Thinking: Big Ideas For Little Kids: Another book I have…

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