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  • Why Don’t People Hold God To The Same Legal Standards As Humans?

    Consider this. In making water as necessary for life, God could have ensured water is abundant and all clean. Did God bother to do this? No: The World Health Organization says that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases, making it the leading cause of disease and […]

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  • What Is A God (s)

    It can be difficult to understand what a God is, since people understand the idea differently. In general, there is a spectrum of kinds of Gods that range from being really powerful, but basically like us (eg Thor), to the God of negative theology who is so different from us that we can’t say anything […]

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  • What is a Prophet?

    A prophet is someone or thing who predicts the future. For example, many think groundhogs on groundhog day can predict if we will have an early spring. Some have even decided to replace the groundhog with a prophesying lobster: Who was the most famous prophet in history? It was probably Jesus, who incorrectly predicted the […]

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  • Reading Strategies: What are the Gospels, Propaganda and Counter Propaganda?

    If you are learning about Jesus, one question that comes up is what genre are the gospels that tell his story? It’s often questioned what genre the gospels are, and the answer usually falls somewhere on the spectrum between ancient biography, and historical fiction.  In fact, the sense of the gospel is actually Ancient Propaganda, […]

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    1. Seeing the hidden picture. You can see the old man, but can you see the hidden picture? 2. Putting together a puzzle without knowing what the picture on the front of the box is:

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  • Grade 5 Discussion Topic: Can There Be Right And Wrong Without God?

    It’s clear to every padawan that some things are wrong.  For instance, it is wrong to steal from your parent’s wallet.  Now, this seems to have nothing to do with whether there is a God or not, and yet some religious people say without God there can be no right or wrong.  Why?  They say […]

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  • Poetry Study: Phantom Limbs

    How amazing my person-ality is As it becomes world Boiling with anger Frozen with fear World/Self-mirroring metaphor made possible As information translates from one sensory part of the brain to the other and back again Where does it all go in a car crash, me still vegetatively there But no longer there Or does the […]

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  • Some Questions About Evolution (from a kid’s book)

  • Article Response 2: Worship in School

    The UK is the only sovereign state in the world to impose Christian worship as standard in state schools. Read this article, and explain why or why not you would sign a petition to end this:

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  • Newspaper Article Reading Response

    This article, “It’s Like Saying Bald Is A Hair Color,” is from the St. Catharines Standard Newspaper. Here is the article: Read the article and answer the following questions: 1. What did you like, dislike, and find interesting 2. Can you relate something you read to your own life? 3. Is a newspaper article […]

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