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  • What If Prayers Don’t Work?

    Most people, even if they are secular, have at least tried prayer, even though they didn’t think it would work. But what if prayers don’t work? What are they like? Write a social media post showing what prayer is like if it doesn’t work. Here is a funny example:

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  • Talking to Kids About Morality Without God

    One thing you sometimes hear is that without God there could be no objective morality (the oughts), because if moral rules/principles don’t get their authority from God, where could their authority come from? Of course, this way of thinking is wrong. Children from a very young age understand what being a “friend” means without God […]

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  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

    One of the traditional “proofs” of the existence of God is the beauty of the world. The claim is: surely as the beauty of a painting suggests an artist, so too does the beauty of a sunset suggest a divine artist. One problem with this way of thinking is that beauty is a highly personal […]

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  • Important Monkeys

  • Secular Meme

    A popular secular meme on the web is In your own words, explain what you think this meme is arguing about religion (s) …

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  • Create An Internet Independent Study Project Landing Page and Branch Pages In Response To An Inquiry Question (high school level)

    Sample Inquiry Question: “If Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet predicting the soon end of the age, why the major emphasis on personal and societal growth and transformation?” 2. Sample Product: Click on laughing Jesus below to enter the project! Create A Checklist For Your Project. Here is a sample checklist: source: free for teachers from […]

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  • Darth Harley and Bob the Fish

  • The Sins Of The Father 2/2 (Gnostics)

    This post is the last in this miniseries looking at the problem of evil. The previous posts are linked below. This last post begins below the linked posts: This interpretation offered over the above previous posts in the miniseries regarding God as evil/stupid is related to what we find in the ancient Gnostic interpretation of […]

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  • Sins of the Father

    Previous 3 Secular Web Kids posts links, new analysis following these below: In the last series of posts on “What is the problem of evil?” we raised the possibility of God’s supreme recklessness and poor judgment in allowing earthquakes, floods, famine, pestilence, Sin, etc.  God did such a poor job creating and managing that things […]

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  • What is the Problem of Evil? (Appendix)

    In the Jewish tradition, the question of evil is not just about personal failings, but overcoming the temptations of Satan. This is even true for God, who said Satan “caused” him to move against Job, which He wouldn’t otherwise have done simply on His own: 3 The Lord said to Satan,“Have you considered my servant Job? There is […]

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