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  • Philosophy For Kids: What Is Nature?

    When we say the word “nature,” sometimes we mean it in the sense of “It’s not in his nature to sit around watching tv,” but we also mean “nature” like streams and trees etc. Given this, what is “nature?” What does philosopher Heraclitus mean when he says “physis kryptesthai philei”= “nature loves to hide” ?

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  • Did Jesus Exist?  Hermeneutics For Middle School Kids

    A long time ago in Germany, which was always an important place for ideas, the thinkers made a distinction between the natural sciences and the human sciences.  The natural sciences were thought to produce the most exact knowledge (like physics), while the human sciences like the study of literature were more about interpretation.  Since then […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: Cause and Effect (Part 2 of 2: The Middle)

    So, last time I was talking about how causality ( eg. The irreversibility of the cooked egg) is not simply the mind, nor the world, but a MIDDLE between the two.  Let’s think about this middle.  In the history of philosophy, especially with philosophers Brentano and Husserl, we have the idea that the basic truth […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: Cause and Effect

    One of the important topics for Philosophy is cause and effect. For instance, if we heat water to 100 degrees Celsius, this will cause the water to boil. Philosopher Immanuel Kant pointed out the mind plays a trick here. As a middle “something” between the mind and the boiling water, we experience the cause and […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: What Is Truth?

    We know philosophers quest for truth, but what is truth? There are many different ways for something to be true. Here are the most popular Truth: (1) Genuine Genuine or true gold, instead of false gold(2) CorrectThe agreement of the judgement with the thing. Eg the table is brown or 2+3 =5(3) CertainFrom Thomas to […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: Critical Thinking Questions To Ask Yourself About New Information!

  • Philosophy for Kids: What is Reason?

    The philosopher Immanuel Kant said we have a part of our mind, REASON, that deals with rules. For example, to fully and properly encounter/experience a triangle, my mind needs to be able to apply a rule to the thing I see or think to experience it as a triangle. So, if I can apply the […]

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  • Philosophy For Kids: What Is Metaphysics?

    What is Metaphysics? Oxford Languages defines it this way: This definition and those like it are both common and incorrect. The initial conditions of the universe would be physics, not metaphysics, which as the word suggests is what makes physics possible: The famous philosopher Immanuel Kant thought about metaphysics in this way, and for instance […]

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  • Outsider Test For Kids

    Sometimes we need to look at bringing up children in religions that are less familiar to us to see that there might be a problem.

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  • Secular Missionaries

    A Message to Babies: There is nothing wrong with you Judge Judy says unless you are planning to come back as something else this is it, so As long as you don’t hurt yourself or others, live whatever life you want to Christian Missionaries Message To Babies:

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