Darth Harley and Darth “Absolute Zero” Bowser (Dialogue 3): Intelligence, Wisdom, And The Game Of Kings

“There are few secrets of the Force I have yet to master. But our Order’s ancient prophecies speak of one fabled manifestation unseen for generations—a dyad. This pairing of two beings strong in the Force, linked together by an unbreakable bond, creates a power as strong as life itself…For a millennium, the Sith have adhered to the Rule of Two. But this decree is said to merely be a pale imitation of its predecessor, the Doctrine of the Dyad. Legends claim that two beings sharing this profound connection gain access to a great number of abilities—skills beyond the grasp of even the most powerful Force wielder.”
―Darth Sidious

Darth Harley sat stupefied as he realized his master Darth Bowser had made an incredible move and took Harley’s Queen with a Pawn. Harley thought about his impossible chances for a moment and then stretched out his hand for a shake admitting he had been beaten.

H: That was amazing master, what move was it named?

B: I don’t know, the “Sponge Bob Square Pants Gambit,” why does it matter?

H: Just wondering. I’m not very good at chess. There are so many different move combinations to memorize like the “Sicilian Defense,” so people with better memories usually beat me pretty handedly.

B: So what does that tell you?

H: I guess I’m not that smart. Li’l Ritchie has a nearly photographic memory and beats me quickly every time. He knows lots of languages too, and his multiplication table up to 50 X 50! I only know up to 12 X 12.

B: I’m guessing you know less about multiplication than that.

H: What do you mean?

B: If I say 3 X 2 = 6, what does that mean?

H: Two 3s are 6.

B: An unfocused mind always sees things in black and white with one answer and one way. (pulling up a math website on his tablet). What do you make of this:

B: What do these 4 X 3 explanations/models of multiplication tell you?

H: I guess there is a lot more to understanding multiplication than just the multiplication facts. I’m guessing L’il Ritchie probably understands very little about multiplication even though he is very good at it. Still, I wish I had his memory.

B: Better to have a selective memory that is good at sifting out the important information than one that just recalls everything. The world is polluted with arrogant people that own many languages and are masters of none.

H: I’m not sure. I mean, when you win at Jeopardy you are the most intelligent because you can recall the most information the quickest.

B: Jeopardy certainly is a “Trivial Pursuit,” which basically tests to see who is the most like a computer. Jeopardy and Chess are very similar, which is why a well programmed computer can consistently beat almost any human at either game.

H: So what is the path to wisdom, not intelligence, Master?

B: Everyone has different aptitudes that they are good at, and that’s not bad. For instance, you are good at Reading and Karate, Harley. There’s no such thing as a person who is a genius at everything. You can no more be great at every kind of music than you can at every kind of sport. You can be a brilliant piano player but terrible on drums or at geography. Learn to see beyond the everyday lie that there is a general intelligence quotient or IQ that can tell if you are a genius. You can be gifted at certain kinds of math but Learning Disabled in other areas. Teachers call this gifted LD. Only by seeing Multiple Intelligences can by begin to ask what it means to be a wise person.

H: Socrates was wise. He knew that he knew nothing.

B: Do you even know what that means? Socrates knew plenty of things. For him, he said he meant by “WISE” he felt he was neither wise with the world’s wisdom or foolish with the world’s foolishness.

H: There is much to learn, master …