Cafeteria Christians

In a cafeteria, you pick and choose what you want to eat. Bible reading shouldn’t really be like that because where do you get the authority to choose which parts to follow an which to ignore? Of course, for instance, we know we can’t pick and choose which of the ten commandments to follow. Consider this meme:

The Simpsons:

Ned Flanders: “I’ve done everything the bible says, even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff.”

Well, he did and he didn’t … sort of …

Think about this meme:

Most Christians think Jesus died to erase our sin debt. But, if Jesus dying really had an effect on our reality, what does it matter whether we believe in Jesus or not. Still, these people say you must believe, or Jesus’ sacrifice makes no difference on whether you get to heaven. Confused?


A theocracy is a political system where God and those that represent God are in charge. Is this a good idea? Imagine a religion where the most important rule is hopping on one leg for a half hour on Monday because that act is the most pleasing to God. Similarly, the act that God hates most of all is dyeing your hair brown. Does it make sense to make these rules expected for all the people in a country? Does religion belong in politics?

What do you think of this statement:

Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert

Abra Kadabra

Question: What magic spell do you think is being cast on this baby?

Question: Why do people think it’s important to start immersing kids in religion at a young age?

Fun Fact:

Country Total Population Muslim percentage Number of Muslims
Afghanistan 33,609,937 99% 33,273,838

Jonathan Swift — ‘You cannot reason a person out of a position he did not reason himself into in the first place.’

Bring It On, Satan!

Read the meme above.

Many religious people think they are so important that God is watching them 24 hours a day to see if they tell a white lie or eat too many cookies. But it gets better. Not only is the creator of reality monitoring you all day, every day, but Satan, the personification of evil, is constantly tempting you to lie, overeat, swear, etc.

Vocabulary Question: What does the word personification mean in the paragraph above?

Content Question: Was Satan always seen as evil in the bible, or did this change over time?

Can You Guess What They Are Praying For?

In an election tonight, Democrat Senator Warnock beat challenger Republican Walker for the Georgia senate seat. Midway through the evening, it was really close, so the Walker rally held a prayer circle:

All the ballots were already cast, so try to guess what they were praying for …