CURRENT EVENTS: FFRF condemns death of 22-year-old Iranian for not wearing hijab

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is speaking out against Iran for the killing of a young woman for not wearing the hijab. From the article:

  • The notion of religion tied to the Iranian state in this theocracy — a reminder to Americans of what “One Nation Under God” really looks like — depends on female subjugation. Women are property. Women are sin-inciting and do not own their own bodies. They must be controlled by male religions and legislatures. Sounds familiar.
  • What’s happening in Iran is a lesson for us in America, where women are also now legally second-class citizens after our Supreme Court, dominated by Catholic patriarchs (and one handmaiden) ruled that deciding whether to not to be pregnant or become a parent is no longer a constitutional right.

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How things have changed in Iran in 50 years, via Anand Ranganathan