If Secular Web Kids Promotes Critical Thinking, What Is The Alternative?

As an educator, my goal is to promote critical thinking, which I think naturally leads to secularism. However, if a child’s exploration of thinking leads to religiousness, then that’s fine too. The point is to level the playing field to let the truth speak to kids as honestly as it can. What’s the alternative?

Dr. Frank Turek is now promoting curriculum to prove Christianity to kids, and claiming the alternative is the work of the devil. Here is his advertisement:

The devil ain’t playing tiddlywinks with your children, ladies, and gentlemen! These new curricula available for 2-5th graders and 6-8th graders will guide you step-by-step through the process of teaching them why Christianity is objectively true!

Activity: put on a short skit showing the difference between education and indoctrination