Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Parent Alert (Plus Ed’s Guitar Solo)

This important short piece explains how certain questionable religious groups try to convert vulnerable children in a sneaky way. From the article:

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is at it again, this time providing Ukrainian children with something they already have an abundance of—fear.

It’s no revelation that CEF, who runs the predatory Good News Clubs in schools and churches across the US and abroad, takes advantage of every opportunity to proselytize to children and convert them to fundamentalist Christianity through fear and candy bribes. I’ve observed it myself—the organization teaches kids that every word in the Bible is true and that they’ll be separated from their parents and families for eternity if they don’t accept Jesus Christ through CEF’s brand of fundamentalism. They teach little kids they’re inherently flawed through original sin, and the only cure is Jesus. It’s disgusting and psychologically abusive. And now they’re targeting Ukrainian children under the guise of refugee relief. see the short article here:

Does this get under your skin? Then why not listen to this excellent guitar solo with your kids by our Vice President Ed, and then have a long talk with your kids: