Organizer For Teachers Addressing Theistic Arguments With Kids

Catholic thinker John Buck has shared this helpful graphic as one example of how different theistic arguments rank as evidence in favor of God/theism.

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This chart is helpful in planning a secularism unit, and in helping students understand that different arguments carry with them different weight in tipping the scales toward theism or secularism.

There are a wealth of resources both in print and on the internet for addressing each of these theistic arguments. I address the psycho/physical issue, as well as the moral knowledge (Right/Wrong) without God issue, in the kid’s section on this site.


Moral knowledge:

If we take one of Buck’s “S” or “Superb” level arguments, the fine tuning of the universe, this can be addressed fairly easily, because in fact just as godlessness would predict, the universe is almost completely inhospitable to life, and so is not specially tuned for it, but rather is the best possible universe for making black holes, which does not make sense from the theism hypothesis. Why would God fine tune the universe to make black holes? Richard Carrier explains it in this way: