Newspaper Article Reading Response


This article, “It’s Like Saying Bald Is A Hair Color,” is from the St. Catharines Standard Newspaper. Here is the article:

Read the article and answer the following questions:

1. What did you like, dislike, and find interesting

2. Can you relate something you read to your own life?

3. Is a newspaper article a good form of writing to share these ideas?

4. Is atheism just another religion? Why or why not?

5. Should people be allowed to hand out bibles to school children? What about to their own children?

6. Should there be atheist texts in school.

7. Do you agree with the author that: “But our public schools are not there to create a captive audience for evangelists. That also means it’s not a soapbox for atheists to tell kids religion is ridiculous. There are better and more appropriate venues for both — at home, churches, bookstores, Youtube — but leave the schools out of it.”

8. Research Bonus Question: What does “putting your head in the sand” mean and does that description apply here to this author?