** Sample Teacher Inquiry Topic For Students: Secular Holidays and Religious Holy Days

We know that Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc have holidays when they celebrate their faith.  Do secular people have holidays they celebrate?  It’s an interesting question because even the word “holiday” originally meant “holy day,” and secular people don’t see a particular day as holy.  [And, there are a few words like that.  “Goodbye” originally meant “God be with you,” which is similar to French with the word for goodbye: adieu (to God)].

One popular candidate among some secular people for a special day is Darwin Day.  Darwin is special for many secular people because he argued that life wasn’t suddenly created complete and ready made as, for instance, the bible talks about in Genesis, but rather emerged naturally over a very long period of time as creatures evolved from simple forms to more complex forms.  The difference is between certain religious views that God, for instance, created humans ready made, and the scientific view that humans evolved and changed from earlier forms.  This is the accepted scientific theory, and many religious people now accept that humans evolved in this way. (interestingly, “creature” originally meant “created by God”)

Check out these books/sites on Darwin Day resources: https://darwinday.org/educate/

** Darth Harley says, when you are thinking about special days, remember Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you!