(B6) Debating with Oneself/Others: Devil’s Advocate

To say Darth Harley is on the Dark Side most importantly means he is more interested in Socratic Questions than building systems of answers.  The Devil’s Advocate used to be a traditional role in the Catholic church to see if there were problems with someone who was going to be made a Saint.  Today it usually means actively trying to disagree with something to see if it can withstand questioning/scrutiny.  Traditional school debating can help students develop their skills to ask questions and sniff out assumptions.  The important part isn’t just researching and presenting a side, since we can often come up with good cases for both sides (eg., liberal politics vs conservative politics), but more importantly learning how arguments are constructed and challenged so students can learn to have a critical rather than dog-matic approach.  Darth Harley barks at dog-mas!