SCAMPER is an activity-based thinking process that can be performed by Cooperative Learning. Here the teacher assists the students in choosing a particular topic and helps them to develop it through a structured process. After choosing an idea, the students are given a tale where they perform the activity in steps corresponding to the letters in the name.

  • Substitute comes up with another topic that is equivalent to the present topics.
  • Combine adds information to the original topic.
  • Adjust identifies ways to construct the topic in a more flexible and adjusted material.
  • Modify, magnify, minify creatively changes the topic or makes a feature/idea bigger or smaller.
  • Put to other uses identifies the possible scenarios and situations where this topic can be used.
  • Eliminate removes ideas or elements from the topic that are not valuable.
  • Reverse, rearrange evolves a new concept from the original concept.

Hence, SCAMPER as a teaching strategy helps the students to analyze the knowledge in its creative form and helps the teacher to make teaching creative and interesting.

(see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCAMPER)